Election Buying, Illustrated

I often talk to customers at length about the impact of election cycles on the gun world and the resulting craze that inevitably takes over after election day.  This cycle is no different it seems, but what does that mean for you as a consumer and for your local dealer?

Well, take a look at just one wholesaler’s listing for Rock River Arms…

This is basically what all of us are looking at from the dealer end on just about every AR-15 or other sub-$2000 magazine fed semi-auto rifle. The higher priced items stick around a little longer, but still seem to be clearing house.  “Allocated” is essentially a backorder on steroids, when demand outstrips supply to the point where no ETA is given and you just hope for the best.

It isn’t just AR-15s feeling the crunch though, it’s ammo in all the major calibers.  9mm, .45ACP, .308, and pictured here .223/5.56…

Goose eggs and backorders across the board, except on the very high end match or hunting ammo and less common calibers.

The moral of the story I guess is that with the hysteria in full swing, don’t be surprised if I or any other local guy can’t get something for a few weeks or even months.  Until things die down, I’m in the same boat as everyone else, crossing fingers and hoping to get a couple cases of 9mm and 5.56 in before Christmas!