Payment Terms

When you place an order with me for a firearm or gun parts / accessories, I’ll accept a half down (or greater) deposit to secure the order.  In many cases I’m more than willing to work with you on the amount and payment schedule.  The remaining balance must be paid when you pick up the gun!  I’m a small operation, so every order that someone decides not to pick up is a major financial liability.

For IN STOCK items only, your order should be ready for pickup within 5 days of the purchase date.  I’ll accept full payment up front only if the items are currently in stock and you’re guaranteed to get your order as soon as possible.

A restocking fee of 10% of retail value or $10, whichever is greater, will be assessed on any cancelled pre-paid orders.  This includes preorders, allocated items claimed at distributor level, direct from factory dealer orders or any extenuating circumstances leading to cancellation of an order requiring refund.  On group buys and combined orders, refunds for one customer may be held up to 2 weeks to ensure all funds clear from the rest of the order and are available for cash refund.  For custom builds, cancellations will be assessed a 50% restocking fee due to the nature of custom assembled firearms.  The fee will be assessed only on components purchased prior to cancellation.

“Allocated” items are high demand, low supply and are equivalent to a waiting list.  Some items listed as allocated on the distributor level may take weeks or even months to receive depending on how shipments are split.

PAYMENT METHODS (2018 Updates):

Cash – Preferred! No fees and no hassles!

Money Order – USPS, bank cashier’s check, etc accepted.  Subject to hold for funds clearing, but usually within 24 hours of receipt.

Paypal – For NON-FIREARM orders under $200. Paypal is okay for grips, small parts, services and anything that doesn’t violate their Terms of Service.

Local check – PA resident check only, may be held for funds to clear.  Returned check fee $50.

Out of state check – For Gunbroker and online orders, always subject to up to 10 days to clear. Returned check fee $50.

Background Check Information

Most PICS check calls get approval very quickly through the automated system, but in many cases an operator check may be flagged to verify additional information.  Normally these operator checks take less than 10 minutes, but on gun show weekends or other extenuating circumstances long hold times might apply.  The PICS system charges about $5 per gun to run the check.

IF YOU GET DELAYED:     A delay isn’t the end of the world!  Typically delayed background checks will process within a day or two, but by federal law after three days the firearm can be legally transferred if no answer is received from the system.  This is left up to dealer discretion, and as the FFL I reserve the right to hold the firearm until the full check clears if I deem it necessary.

IF YOU GET DENIED:     Any background check denial instantly voids the sale or transfer.  If it’s a sale, you’ll be charged $25 plus a restocking fee of 10% or $10, whichever is greater.  If it’s a transfer, you’ll be charged the standard transfer fee for the item(s) involved in the transaction.  You can submit a challenge form to the ATF in reference to a “deny” response, and such forms are available freely online.

BACKGROUND CHECKS CANNOT BE CANCELED ONCE INITIATED.  If you decide mid-call you don’t want the gun, it will be treated the same as a denial. The firearm(s) will be re-entered into shop inventory and a restocking fee charged.

LEO, Military and Veterans

Discounts to law enforcement and military customers vary depending on item, but I’m always willing to offer what I can to our men and women in uniform if at all possible.  I currently do not have access to LEO pricing directly from manufacturers.

I understand many law enforcement and military personnel don’t like getting special treatment.  If you wish to decline the discount, you can do so or opt to have the price difference donated to an appropriate charity such as the Wounded Warrior Project or a gun rights advocacy group.


Long guns – $35          |          Pistols – $25         |          Small Parts – $7-$15

For customers buying online or via our GunBroker listings, we typically ship USPS for pistols, and UPS Ground for long guns.  The flat fee covers packing material, boxes, handling and actual postage.  All shipments are sent out with Delivery Confirmation (USPS) and insurance (any carrier, full value), along with a packing slip denoting the firearm make, serial number and the name of the buyer to help your local dealer identify the shipment and who it belongs to.

For firearms valued over $1000 an additional $10 charge is applied to cover special handling and additional insurance rate costs.  Oversized or multiple gun shipments will be negotiated based on the size, weight and declared value.

In the case of pistols, small items like parts or AR lowers, I use USPS Flat Rate boxes of appropriate size.  For small parts orders and lowers I’ll try to use the smallest box possible to save you a few bucks on shipping.  If standard Priority without Flat Rate is cheaper, I’ll use that instead.

On-Site Range Use

I do have a basic range that is available to customers for test firing.  If you would like to test fire a used gun before buying, or take your new firearm for a test drive before you leave, you are more than welcome to use the facilities as long as you set things up ahead of time to ensure that someone is available for range officer duty. The range is NOT public and it is NOT “open” at all, any time.

Range rules:

  • ALWAYS follow the four rules of firearm safety.
  • No more than two people on the range, one shooter at a time.
  • Don’t damage or shoot anything but the target and backstop.
  • Clean up when finished, police up your brass!
  • You can keep your brass for reloading or dispose of it here.  We recycle!
  • For test firing a potential purchase, you MUST use ammo provided here.

Any violation of the above will get you kicked out in a hurry, and probably banned from using the range or doing business here in the future.  RANGE SAFETY IS SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Bring your own targets or buy them here, usually I keep full size silhouettes on hand as well as self-designed printable targets.

Hold Periods

I’ll hold an order, internet sale or transfer item for 5 business days and attempt to contact you to arrange pickup.  PLEASE contact me if something comes up, I’ll be happy to hold items longer if you explain the circumstances.  Any firearms, parts or accessories abandoned at the shop are claimed as shop inventory after 30 days without prior arrangements, and any deposit would be forfeit.

Safety Notice

If any major complications arise, such as a severe safety issue (excessive headspace, gun fires on safe, non-functioning safety, etc) I’ll contact you before performing ANY work on the gun.  If you decline to have the safety issues repaired, I reserve the right to refuse the gun entirely.  If that happens, the gun will be returned with a receipt noting the safety issues and stating the work was declined by the customer.  Shop time for the examination, disassembly and/or reassembly involved will be billed appropriately.