Monthly Update

Over the past few weeks we’ve been pretty busy out here in the woods with end of summer upkeep and smithing work.  We’ve made great progress clearcutting our unused pasture, and I’m hoping to get a much more official range set up for customer use before the first major hunting season kicks off.  We’ll be measuring everything out, marking ranges and building up the backstop further with a future goal of getting some good steel plates.

We’re gearing up for bluing, and should have that running by the end of the month if the budget and timeline hold up.  Expect to see some before and after pictures posted up after the first batch to showcase it!  I’ll be finalizing rates shortly after that.

Auction season is officially in full swing, which means just about every weekend and some weekday evenings we will be scoping out or attending gun auctions in the region.  If you’ve got a wish list, drop me an email and let me know your budget!  We’re always hunting for good used bargains at auctions, which can translate to great deals!