Gunbroker Services


When looking to sell a firearm, there are many ways to go about it.  You could go to a gun show, list the gun online, put an ad in the local paper, or have an auctioneer sell it for you.  Each of these options has negative aspects to it, however… Gun shows require you to travel with the gun and pay admission.  Newspaper ads aren’t cheap, and auctioneers require commission percentages ranging from 20% to as high as 30%.  Online listings require making an account, taking pictures and researching the gun in addition to a final value fee when it sells, which may be more hassle than you’re willing to deal with.

So why should you consign your firearm?

  • I’m experienced in online listings!
  • I’m an established, reputable dealer and I know how to get your item out there.
  • I’ll handle all of the photography, description, and research.
  • I’ll cover the listing fees and upgrade your listing to make it stand out!
  • I answer emails from potential buyers quickly and professionally.
  • I’ll handle shipping when it sells.
  • I do ALL the work for less than an auctioneer will charge you!

In other words, I offer a full service, hassle free way to sell your firearms online for only a 15% final value fee!

If your gun sells for $500, you only owe me $75.  No hassles, all expenses inclusive! Auctioneers would charge $100-150 as an average.

If it doesn’t sell, the most you’ll ever owe me is $25 for trying.