Welcome to the guides page!  This page will eventually list all of the guides for disassembly/reassembly, gunsmith ramblings, and links to useful reference material.  For now though, it’s just a list of a few links to add to later!

I do tutorials and guides in my free time to give back to the firearm community. Each of these guides takes up to five hours to document, photograph, process, research, draft and format!  If you want to help keep content flowing, there are a few ways you can pitch in: Loan me a gun or accessory for review, send me questions or ideas for writeups, donate spare gun parts or simply shop at your friendly neighborhood gunsmith!

If any of these guides have been insightful or helped you out, please consider a small donation or supporting me on Patreon, where I publish every guide as a “pay per guide” instead of a monthly subscription so you’ll only contribute when you get content delivered!

I can be contacted any time via email, and can often be found lurking on IRC:

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