Quick Updates

Just a quick post to give an update on the bluing setup and our progress out here in the woods!  I’m basically done on the hardware end, but I’m still finishing up the shopping list for the chemicals and metal prep side of things.  Hazmat shipping is going to be a killer on this order, but I’ll be ready to go for a whole lot of bluing work as soon as everything arrives.  In addition, I took some time to look into not just hot dip bluing, but slow rust and nitre bluing as well and will be about 95% of the way to having those ready around the same time.  In short, I’ll be able to handle just about any refinishing job including cerakote, hot dip blue, rust blue and nitre fire bluing very soon!

I’m going to try and update some holiday deals as I find them, but this week rounds out the last major gun auction events before Christmas so I’ll be busy on that front until early next week.  Whether or not election hysteria is still driving the auctions is another matter entirely, but I’ll try to grab some good buys if there are any.  I’m also going to be grabbing some fixer uppers to showcase my refinishing services, so be on the lookout for an update shortly after everything is up and running!