First, apologies to all the folks who have had delays in bluing their firearms. We’ve gotten really tied up in making improvements to the property and renovating, which has resulted in moving the bluing tanks around several times already. I’m continuing to add odds and ends to the bluing system and metal prep setup as time and budget allow, and hope to have all of it running full tilt “soon”.

I’ve got a lightly used AR-15 on consignment sale, pictures forthcoming.  Here’s the spec sheet:

  • Del Ton 1:9″ M4 profile barrel, chrome lined 16″, standard A2 flash hider
  • YHM Smooth Carbine free float handguard (bottom rail)
  • YHM HK-style flip up sight gas block assembly (rail wraps around it)
  • Spikes Tactical lower, standard M4 stock and buffer
  • Magpul AFG 2, Magpul BAD lever, Brownells Para folding charging handle
  • Comes with a pair of C-products aluminum mags in a dual mag clamp

He’s looking for $750 out of it, which is a good value for the feature set.  May include 3 windowed PMAGs with ranger baseplates with the sale.  Price is negotiable though, feel free to email or call.