Quick Updates

Range use is now subject to a quick and hopefully painless release form and rules agreement.  The rules are straightforward and largely focused on safety.  We are still aiming to have some steel set up soon and have the range set up more officially when we can, but for now our country range is available by appointment.

The bluing system is complete, after having to take additional time to have our out-building safety checked and run LP lines through the wall to the burner racks.  You can never be too careful around open flame and lots of heat, so it was a necessary delay.  I’ve gathered several firearms to be reblued in the first batch and will be offering discounts to anyone who gets in on the first couple batches!

As a note to the bluing process, many firearms have non-steel components which cannot be blued.  A good example is the trigger guard assembly on a Remington 870, which is aluminum and will literally dissolve in bluing salts!  As part of a job quote I will mention this and give customers options for finishing those components using spray coatings such as Alumahyde or Cerakote.  These finishes are of course available by themselves on whatever firearm you would like!