Updates, Lionheart Pistols and More

I’ve been meaning to put up a post with finalized pricing on the Lionheart pistols for about a week now but have been all kinds of busy.  Not that that’s a bad thing!  Here’s the rundown:

Compact Models, $580 out the door

Full Size Models, $600 out the door

Mark II (railed), $630 out the door

Right now the full size in black is definitely in stock, and the compact in brown is definitely out of stock (UPDATE: ETA is March 15th for brown LH9c pistols).  The other models and colors I don’t have certain availability on as of right now but I’ll be checking in with Josh again for another order this week.

Additional magazines will be $25 each if ordered with the gun or as part of a combined backorder.  Ordering mags by themselves, $30 each.  Mags right now are backordered about 2 weeks and I have 10 on backorder currently, so feel free to add to it!



In other news, I’ll be taking my sharpening on the road over the next couple months.  My folks run an online toy and collectibles store and will be attending numerous flea markets and the like, so between those and possibly some gun show weekends I’ll be wearing my arms out sharpening.  Make sure to check the updated sharpening page for current rates, finishes and some pictures showing off the finished products!

Last but not least, stay tuned for something really cool coming down the pike here at the range…