Patreon and Supporting New Content

I’ve started a Patreon project, linked in the sidebar, in order to focus efforts on creating more detail strip guides and other quality content for people to enjoy.  For those familiar with Kickstarter or other crowd-funding sites, it’s kind of like that but geared to support continual creation of content like writing, art, or videos.

What does this mean?

Basically, anyone can go to the Patreon project page and subscribe, pledge any amount of their choosing, or point friends to the project to help support my efforts.  All of the content is still posted here and linked from Patreon, and each time a new guide or video is posted everyone who is subscribed or pledged will get notified automatically.

Will guides still be free?

YES!  All of the guides will continue being 100% free to access.  No paywalls, no holding back exclusive content.  Aside from getting things a little earlier and some unrelated bonuses, everyone gets the same content that paying patrons do.

Can I support other ways?

YES!  You can still do one-time donations via PayPal, loan me things to make guides and videos of, or just do business as normal with your friendly neighborhood gunsmith!  You can also use the adfly links on the list pages for the moment, which are zero effort ways to help generate a few cents.

Huge thanks to those who have supported my efforts thus far.  I hope to keep making detailed guides, start doing videos and see what other content I can get tangled up in making soon!