Finishing Delays, Updates

Just a quick post to clarify some delays in the refinishing setup and bluing system. Unfortunately things sometimes come out of the blue and I’ve had to push back full scale launch of the refinishing services for a few months. In the meantime we’ll be doing small jobs here and there as well as finishing some pieces to show, but will not be accepting any full blown finishing jobs for a while. Apologies to those waiting patiently for hot bluing, I will be contacting everyone on the list ASAP once we’re rolling!

In my meager free time I’ve been working on some AR-15 build data and may be able to eventually integrate it into the site directly as a builder app. Currently in Google Docs format as a spreadsheet, the build data will hopefully allow customers to piece together a custom AR part by part with any option they like, drawn from wholesaler inventory. Pricing on components will be aggressive to give everyone quality rifles for (usually) less than the closest off the shelf brand name!