Don’t Buy Hype: Muzzle Brake Edition

I’ve been saying for years that the BattleComp series of muzzle devices are nowhere near as good as people claimed, and that they’re not worth the crazy price tag.  Look like I might have been onto something, as Andrew Tuohy of Vuurwapen Blog lays it down in this post.

Mr. Tuohy has done a fantastic job empirically analyzing numerous muzzle devices on the market and devising comparison tests using some photography skills.  He’s compared several aspects of each device including the low light flash hiding capability, sound output, downward force to counteract muzzle rise and linear recoil reduction.  After all was said and done, the ever-popular and pricey BattleComp did not fare well at all.

The full rundown of all the devices tested can be found here on Vuurwapen Blog.  Major props for putting all of that work into a real comparison to dispel some of the advertising myths of these muzzle devices and weed out the actual performers from the flashy whiz-bang money wasters.  Maybe someday we’ll see a thorough comparison for gun oils, another major gun product segment full of misleading claims and snake oil salesmen.