What’s in the box?!

Hey look, I got a box from Timney Triggers…

Timney Box
Spoilers: it’s really awesome.

Yep, that's a cherry Tootsie Pop.

Yep, that’s a cherry Tootsie Pop.


Timney Tavor 01

New Tavor trigger to test!

Comparison with the factory Tavor pack.

Comparison with the factory Tavor pack.

Sadly the weather is hitting us with the remnants of the storms ravaging the midwest right now, so I can’t get out and hit the range with the new trigger pack.  Until then though, I’ve been admiring the straightforward design of the Timney unit and doing a whole lot of playing around with it.

For the curious, the installed trigger gauges at a hair over 4 pounds and is completely consistent despite the slack from the trigger bar.  That’s a far cry from the 8-10 pounds out of the box bomb-proof Israeli trigger group, and a good bit lighter than my 6.5-ish trigger job on my hammer and sear.  The question: too light, or just right?  More tabletop review incoming while the weather rages on.