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Lightweight Budget AR-15 Mockup

I posted way back when about an AR-15 rifle build that wouldn't break the bank and would weigh in well under 7 pounds loaded.  It took a while to find the setup I really liked along with a quality pencil profile (0.625" diameter) barrel maker for a reasonable price, but I think I've got this nailed.

Test lower please ignore


Technical Review: Timney Tavor Trigger

There has been a lot of buzz about aftermarket Tavor triggers lately, and a lot of folks have written great reviews already.  Though many of them noted that the Timney design differs considerably from the factory IWI sear pack, none of the reviews focused much on the technical aspects or advantages and disadvantages of Timney's changes.  Let's get digging and do some comparing and contrasting!

Timney vs IWI

Timney vs IWI


Picture of the Day: Overall Length Edition

18" Tavor vs. 10.5" AR Pistol!

18" Tavor vs. 10.5" AR Pistol!


First Impressions: TN Arms Dagger Brake

I was so busy trying to destroy that test receiver that I didn't keep up with development of TN Arms' new muzzle device, the Dagger muzzle brake.  They were nice enough to send me one to try out, and unlike their testing with AR-15s I'll be using the Tavor instead!


Translucent is best… er, lucent?

This is pretty slick, but not production ready yet...

TN Arms prototype translucent polycarbonate hybrid lower!

TN Arms prototype translucent polycarbonate hybrid lower!


Poly Receivers Testing: Part 2

The torture continues on the TN Arms lower.  Today while the weather was nice I took a few steel casings out and induced horrible stuck cases by closing the bolt on them as well as generally beating the receiver up as much as possible.  We're talking stuck cases so bad that several of them I had to remove with a cleaning rod and a hammer, the rest I had to mortar the rifle as hard as possible on the ground to get them to budge.


What’s in the box?!

Hey look, I got a box from Timney Triggers...

Timney Box
Spoilers: it's really awesome.


Still Testing

Couple hundred rounds, numerous mortars, beating against a tree and not much to show for it yet... seems like these lowers may just be the real deal...



The Anatomy of a Surefire 60

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Quick Photo: Lancer Mag (1920×1080)

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