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Price List (2023 Updates)

Pistols*: $25 per handgun
FTF** transfers, $25 per handgun
Long Guns and Receivers: $25 for the first three, $10 each after

* – Pistols require PSP paperwork for each handgun transferred or sold, this means I have to charge per pistol to pay for the time
** – Face to Face transaction, selling a handgun to another individual also requires PSP paperwork

What Requires a Transfer?

These situations require a standard Form 4473 and/or a PA Application/RoS form:

  • Online purchase from out of state, e.g. Gunbroker, Armslist, AuctionArms
  • Face to Face trade/sale of a pistol to another person in PA
  • Retrieving an unsold consignment in which the firearm is left at the shop to sell
  • A gun in for repair is picked up by someone else (with prior arrangement)

These situations do not require paperwork:

  • Picking up a firearm that was in for repair
  • Shipping a firearm for repair through a dealer, e.g. handgun via USPS
  • Face to face sale of a shotgun or rifle to another PA resident
  • Shipping a firearm to be repaired and having it shipped directly back to you
  • Giving a firearm as a gift to a spouse, child or grandchild

Shipping, Receiving and Storage

If you need to send firearms across state lines or need a local dealer to accept a shipment for you, I’d be glad to help. For example, if you had your favorite rifle shipped out west for an elk hunting trip and need someone to receive and store the rifle until you pick it up when you get home, this doesn’t require a transfer!