Apex Gunsmithing

For Sale


ALL firearms gunsmith disassembled, cleaned and inspected.  Items sold AS-IS, local buyers are invited to examine in person!

Out of state buyers add $25 for USPS Priority shipping for handguns, and $35 for FedEx Ground shipping for long guns.


  • M&P40 Full Size ($400) - Two tone with small blemishes in the stainless slide finish.  Aging OEM night sights.  Seems to have been carried but rarely shot.  Two magazines in old style black S&W case, and is a first generation pistol with slightly heavier trigger.DSC02464
  • Sig P228 W. German 9x19mm ($750) - Fantastic and collectible West German era pistol in excellent condition with the exception of previous owner's poor sight install job covered over with black paint.  Three Mec-Gar mags, two Sig mags, soft case.  Additional pictures per request!DSC02460
  • Springfield XDS-45 ($350) - Two Tone, post-recall pistol with two magazines.  Minor carry wear and a little dirt.  No case, sold as is.
  • Glock 21 ($450) - Blue label sale from the early 2000s Clinton Ban era, with two ban marked 13-round magazines.  OEM night sights that are long dead.  Scuffing and blemishes on the right side of the grip and one magazine floorplate.  Tupperware box!  Featured in the Glock disassembly guide over on the Guides page.

    This early 90s blue label police sale Glock 21 is a throwback to the AWB years.

    This early 90s blue label police sale Glock 21 is a throwback to the AWB years.

  • Glock 21 ($450) - Another blue label sale from the same era.  Previous owner installed XS Big Dot sights that have dim tritium remaining.

Long Guns

  • Bushmaster XM15 E2 ($750) - Like new without box A2 style rifle.  Appears unfired beyond factory testing.  Full chrome bolt group and bore.DSC02466
  • Stevens 59A .410 ($140) - Interesting old bolt action repeater .410 bore.  Bluing and stock finish in very good shape with typical age-related blemishes.  Less common than 12ga or 20ga bolt action shotguns and a really cool design!DSC02468
  • Hawk 982 12ga ($200) - Norinco made copy of the Remington 870 in defense configuration with ghost ring sights.  Cross compatible with most 870 accessories and parts, overall a surprisingly good clone.  New in box, unfired.DSC00784
  • Winchester Model 50 ($400) - Recoil operated 12 gauge semi-auto made in the late 1950s.  Fewer than 200,000 built over about 10 years, when gas operated shotguns swept in to dominate the market.  Excellent condition and smooth action.
  • Norinco SAS-12 ($200) - Older 2004-2005 original import of this "Saiga killer" that never really took off.  Detachable box magazine fed 12ga, gas operated semi-auto.  Uses screw-in chokes, but not sure what thread pattern.