Tavor Trigger Job

In honor of the Military Arms Channel post and video on the quick and easy Tavor trigger mod, I wanted to share some results on my own rifle…

Tavor Trigger Weight

That’s right… just under five and a half pounds on the mechanical break point.  There is still considerable room for improvement for anyone who desires a lighter pull, particularly once we start seeing aftermarket spring kits such as those by JP Rifles.  Spring weight is a fair bit of the weight behind the Tavor’s sear system; both the hammer and primary sear return spring are heavy duty spring wire that is much thicker than most springs we’re used to on the civilian market.

The spring weight alone for the takeup adds perhaps a pound and a half to two pounds at most, so even in gunsmith billed time we’re talking $20 for a net reduction of four to five pounds of trigger weight.  The removal of the secondary return spring itself is a couple pounds and zero risk, the rest requires stripping the trigger pack which may or may not be in the forecast for some folks!