Mepro 21 – Bullseye Reticle

The customer who purchased the FDE Tavor also ordered a Mepro 21 reflex optic, the same type used by the IDF on their TAR-21 rifles as well as the sight bundled with the IDF model IWI-US semiauto Tavor rifle. While the IDF model uses a sight attachment rib that bolts directly to the barrel and the sight bolts to the rail, the commercial Mepro 21 sights have integrated throw lever quick detach 1913 rail mounts or M16 style carry handle mounts.

The Mepro 21 has many different reticle types available, including the “bullseye” shown here, two sizes of triangle (9 and 12 MOA base), dot only in various sizes and an “open X” which is rather like a first person shooter game’s crosshair canted 45 degrees. All of the reticle styles are designed for fast acquisition in all light conditions, particularly since the sight itself is dual illuminated to support it. Unlike some other sights which attempt the dual illumination setup but fall short of the mark in some areas, the Mepro 21 seems to be extremely good at gauging light levels and adjusting to the right brightness. I’ve used auto-adjusting/light sensor sights before and usually had issues with it being way too bright or too dim, while in my constant fiddling with my example unit here the Mepro has been spot on or just a touch dim everywhere I’ve taken it.

Here it is in low light, it turns out taking these sorts of pictures is incredibly frustrating. I should probably ask someone who knows a thing or two about cameras how to do this for the future!

Mepro 21 in low light

Overall I’m very impressed and can’t wait to get some serious range time with the optic to try 100 yard shots on that center dot. Mako Group/Meprolight have a posted minimum price for dealers of $524.25 but units can be found cheaper on Amazon or your friendly neighborhood gunsmith!