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Patreon and Supporting New Content

I've started a Patreon project, linked in the sidebar, in order to focus efforts on creating more detail strip guides and other quality content for people to enjoy.  For those familiar with Kickstarter or other crowd-funding sites, it's kind of like that but geared to support continual creation of content like writing, art, or videos.

What does this mean?

Basically, anyone can go to the Patreon project page and subscribe, pledge any amount of their choosing, or point friends to the project to help support my efforts.  All of the content is still posted here and linked from Patreon, and each time a new guide or video is posted everyone who is subscribed or pledged will get notified automatically.

Will guides still be free?

YES!  All of the guides will continue being 100% free to access.  No paywalls, no holding back exclusive content.  Aside from getting things a little earlier and some unrelated bonuses, everyone gets the same content that paying patrons do.

Can I support other ways?

YES!  You can still do one-time donations via PayPal, loan me things to make guides and videos of, or just do business as normal with your friendly neighborhood gunsmith!  You can also use the adfly links on the list pages for the moment, which are zero effort ways to help generate a few cents.

Huge thanks to those who have supported my efforts thus far.  I hope to keep making detailed guides, start doing videos and see what other content I can get tangled up in making soon!

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Email issues

Seems like my domain email is on the fritz, but I'll be working with my host to get it resolved ASAP.  Sorry for the mess!

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Still Alive!

It's been far too long since I posted any updates.  I've been slammed trying to get everything winterized, cutting and splitting firewood, having our furnace and chimney cleaned out and even having to winterize our chicken coop a bit too.  Things have slowed down after all of that is done and mostly everyone is prepared for hunting season now!

Before I ramble about my review lineup, I would like to give a shout out to Laserlyte for having exceptional customer service.  At some point recently, my old standby laser boresighter got tossed around in the range bag and the stem was bent, rendering the entire thing worthless.  Laserlyte RMA'd the boresighter, found it was beyond repair and offered a replacement in the form of an upgraded model for what I suspect is very near cost.  The whole thing only took a couple of days and they shipped the replacement for free as well.  Absolutely top notch!

I have a few more things pending for review, the first of which should be a tech review and possible disassembly guide for the semi-auto RPD built by Wiselite under DSA's nameplate.  It's a fantastic piece, weighs a ton and is a hell of a lot of fun to shoot, but there's little to no info out there about what was changed to turn the original design into a semi-auto for commercial sale.  I've had it apart a couple times now to check it out, and it's really interesting on the inside so I look forward to doing a writeup on it.

I have also been trying to hit the range for some time now to write a full review of the SR-762, but it's looking like I'll be limited to about 40 rounds to test and won't have use of my 100+ yard lane over the winter.  The rest of my impressions have been posted in detail and overall I still like the gun but think Ruger should step it up with the trigger out of the box.

A few more items round out the list including a Draco arm brace setup I'll be finishing up for a customer sometime soon, a couple of Czech items, and some more rambling about the Canik Stingray probably.

Stay warm, folks.  It looks like winter is finally arriving!

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Power Outage

Sorry to anyone who has not received a call back from me after the holiday weekend. The huge storm that blew through knocked out our power for the better part of two days and unfortunately wiped the voicemails on my base unit!

If I haven't returned your call, send me an email and I'll get back to you straight away!

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and that you were able to hit the range or light some fireworks!

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Current T&E Backlog

Just a quick post to give a rundown on the items I'm testing, initial impressions and the status of the testing for those interested.  List is in no particular order and not by priority or projected completion.  Hoping to add more to it and keep a steady stream of projects!


What’s in the box?!

Hey look, I got a box from Timney Triggers...

Timney Box
Spoilers: it's really awesome.


Still Testing

Couple hundred rounds, numerous mortars, beating against a tree and not much to show for it yet... seems like these lowers may just be the real deal...



Turkish Invasion!

Forget the Russians, it's the Turks that are invading!  This week has been a flood of Turkish built guns coming in for customers who have been kind enough to let me do a little tabletop reviewing to give my thoughts on the overall quality and design.  I've posted numerous times about Turkish made guns and their surprisingly good quality for the price, so hopefully this bunch holds true to that pattern.

Here's the list of what I've gotten in and will be doing overviews of this week and next:

  • TISAS Zigana Sport (9mm)
  • EAA/SAR B6P (9mm)
  • SAR S-120 (9mm)
  • Girsan MC312 Tactical (12ga)
  • Linberta/Buyuk Huglu LSTAC G2 (12ga)
  • Sarac/Pasa Makina PASIMAX (12ga)
  • NATMIL BR-99 (12ga)

It's interesting to see the variety of arms factories coming out of the woodwork in Turkey, where up until recently Sarsilmaz was the only somewhat well known maker to buyers here in the US.  Generally importers of inexpensive guns will downplay or outright mask the original manufacturer, either to promote their own brand or because let's face it... "Buyuk Huglu" isn't a name that's going to catch on with American buyers.

Stay tuned for a whole bunch of posts with a whole lot of pictures!



First, apologies to all the folks who have had delays in bluing their firearms. We've gotten really tied up in making improvements to the property and renovating, which has resulted in moving the bluing tanks around several times already. I'm continuing to add odds and ends to the bluing system and metal prep setup as time and budget allow, and hope to have all of it running full tilt "soon".

I've got a lightly used AR-15 on consignment sale, pictures forthcoming.  Here's the spec sheet:

  • Del Ton 1:9" M4 profile barrel, chrome lined 16", standard A2 flash hider
  • YHM Smooth Carbine free float handguard (bottom rail)
  • YHM HK-style flip up sight gas block assembly (rail wraps around it)
  • Spikes Tactical lower, standard M4 stock and buffer
  • Magpul AFG 2, Magpul BAD lever, Brownells Para folding charging handle
  • Comes with a pair of C-products aluminum mags in a dual mag clamp

He's looking for $750 out of it, which is a good value for the feature set.  May include 3 windowed PMAGs with ranger baseplates with the sale.  Price is negotiable though, feel free to email or call.


Quick Updates

Range use is now subject to a quick and hopefully painless release form and rules agreement.  The rules are straightforward and largely focused on safety.  We are still aiming to have some steel set up soon and have the range set up more officially when we can, but for now our country range is available by appointment.

The bluing system is complete, after having to take additional time to have our out-building safety checked and run LP lines through the wall to the burner racks.  You can never be too careful around open flame and lots of heat, so it was a necessary delay.  I've gathered several firearms to be reblued in the first batch and will be offering discounts to anyone who gets in on the first couple batches!

As a note to the bluing process, many firearms have non-steel components which cannot be blued.  A good example is the trigger guard assembly on a Remington 870, which is aluminum and will literally dissolve in bluing salts!  As part of a job quote I will mention this and give customers options for finishing those components using spray coatings such as Alumahyde or Cerakote.  These finishes are of course available by themselves on whatever firearm you would like!

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