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SR-762 Bolt Group

In discussing the SR-762 recently the topic of carrier tilt came up, which is an issue that has plagued piston-equipped AR-15 type rifles for a long time.  Ruger's own SR-556 rifle had its fair share of carrier tilt problems at release, but after a year of working the kinks out the rifles from early 2012 or so onward seem trouble free.  Other manufacturers worked out their own fixes, but it seems like a common thread between them is reduction of part of the bolt carrier body.  This is the fix Ruger opted for in the SR-762, pictured below.


First Impressions: Ruger SR-762

Ruger has been on a kick the past several years: revisions to the venerable Mini-14, a wave of concealed carry type pistols, introducing a piston driven AR-15 platform rifle, and bringing back the takedown concept with the 10/22 Takedown.  Most recently in the rifle world they decided to take on the much smaller .308 AR market with the SR-762.