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Fun Fact: FDE Tavors Weigh More!

Thursday morning I took a trip up to the IWI US facility in Harrisburg to talk to the folks responsible for what has really become my go-to rifle and probably among my favorite rifles of all time.  They have a fantastic facility which has a long history in firearms dating back to Mr. Kassnar's previous ventures under KBI Inc and Charles Daly.  I can't go into too much detail since I'm not a media rep and wasn't allowed to take pictures, but I was able to have a chat and wander around the warehouse discussing future plans, pitching questions from customers and getting a feel for IWI as a company.

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Tan is the New Black?

Suddenly FDE everywhere!  Sandstorm?

FDE and Multicam Mossberg 500 Persuader - $400 OTD

Mossberg 500 FDE Multicam

HK45 V1, Threaded w/ Night Sights - $1250 OTD

Non-threaded V1 w/ Night Sights - $1100 OTD


FN FNX45 Tactical FDE - $1125 OTD (optic not included)

FNX45 Tactical FDE

Sig Scorpion 1911, standard barrel 5" or 4.25" - $975 OTD

Scorpion 1911 w/ threaded barrel in either size - $1050 OTD

Sig Scorpion 1911 FDE

ATI FX45 Tactical FDE - $650 OTD