Still Alive!

It’s been far too long since I posted any updates.  I’ve been slammed trying to get everything winterized, cutting and splitting firewood, having our furnace and chimney cleaned out and even having to winterize our chicken coop a bit too.  Things have slowed down after all of that is done and mostly everyone is prepared for hunting season now!

Before I ramble about my review lineup, I would like to give a shout out to Laserlyte for having exceptional customer service.  At some point recently, my old standby laser boresighter got tossed around in the range bag and the stem was bent, rendering the entire thing worthless.  Laserlyte RMA’d the boresighter, found it was beyond repair and offered a replacement in the form of an upgraded model for what I suspect is very near cost.  The whole thing only took a couple of days and they shipped the replacement for free as well.  Absolutely top notch!

I have a few more things pending for review, the first of which should be a tech review and possible disassembly guide for the semi-auto RPD built by Wiselite under DSA’s nameplate.  It’s a fantastic piece, weighs a ton and is a hell of a lot of fun to shoot, but there’s little to no info out there about what was changed to turn the original design into a semi-auto for commercial sale.  I’ve had it apart a couple times now to check it out, and it’s really interesting on the inside so I look forward to doing a writeup on it.

I have also been trying to hit the range for some time now to write a full review of the SR-762, but it’s looking like I’ll be limited to about 40 rounds to test and won’t have use of my 100+ yard lane over the winter.  The rest of my impressions have been posted in detail and overall I still like the gun but think Ruger should step it up with the trigger out of the box.

A few more items round out the list including a Draco arm brace setup I’ll be finishing up for a customer sometime soon, a couple of Czech items, and some more rambling about the Canik Stingray probably.

Stay warm, folks.  It looks like winter is finally arriving!