Range Use, Updates!

Just a quick post to highlight a few things. First, I’ve been setting up a template and getting set up to list things on Gunbroker and other auction sites. My test run is up right now, if all goes well my listings page may replace the For Sale section here for ease of use.

Also a couple of updates on product availability and some new stuff to hit the dealer wire.  For the AR folks, I’ve had Del-Ton, CMMG, Spikes and several others on tap for a while now but if you’re looking for trigger kits or nickel-boron BCGs I might be able to save you a few bucks!

A few other new items I can get my hands on are 5.11 apparel (boots, clothing and other gear) and Tannerite exploding targets, including pre-measured trays for drop in and blow up application.  As with all parts and accessories type orders I try to combine everything and get one larger order monthly (or semi-weekly) to save on shipping and pass that savings along to customers.

Speaking of Tannerite, we’re in the process of cleaning up and setting up our range for public use after a couple years of having just a good old fashioned “country range” for customers to test fire on.  To that end we’ll be establishing a much bigger backstop, measuring out increments of 25 yards and setting up a pistol range as well.  The goal is to have the rifle lanes and pistol flat range established by the end of the summer, including some steel plates or poppers.  If anyone happens to know a steel supply with reasonable AR500 pricing we’d be appreciative!