Current T&E Backlog

Just a quick post to give a rundown on the items I’m testing, initial impressions and the status of the testing for those interested.  List is in no particular order and not by priority or projected completion.  Hoping to add more to it and keep a steady stream of projects!

  1. Timney trigger for Tavor
    • Status: Ongoing
    • Impressions: extremely positive!
  2. TN Arms hybrid receivers
    • Status: Ongoing torture testing
    • Impressions: increasingly positive
  3. Lionheart LH9 detailed review
    • Status: pending, due to range cleanup and ammo costs
    • First range trip very positive, I’m not a ‘hammer guy’ but I like the LH9 a lot.
  4. Tavor one-year update
    • Status: Better late than never?
    • Will update gun setup, round count, future plans, sling choice and techniques!
  5. Surefire 60-round magazine
    • Status: pending, will coincide with Timney range review!
    • Impressions: numerous concerns, we’ll see how it goes
  6. Meprolight M21 gunsight
    • Status: Ongoing, have used it on the Tavor and an AR with 400+/200ish rounds respectively.
    • Impressions: largely positive, kind of large and heavy, tough to find a good deal on one
  7. Ruger SR-762 range review
    • Status: pending, due to range cleanup and limited ammunition in .308
    • Impressions: see previous posts tagged Writeups for some analysis!
  8. CMMG .22LR Stainless conversion kit
    • Status: Ongoing, 200+ rounds and counting
    • Impressions: generally positive for the price, several odd but amusing malfunctions
  9. Kel-Tec PMR-30 range review
    • Status: pending, due to range cleanup
    • Impressions: see previous posts for some analysis!
  10. Canik55 Stingray-C range review
    • Status: pending, may coincide with Timney review next range trip
    • Impressions: see tabletop review post for detailed breakdown!
  11. ArchOil products AR4200 (oil), AR4400 (oil), AR8300 (grease)
    • Status: Ongoing, have used on several firearms but not enough testing to conclude
    • Impressions: Positive, but not positive enough to replace other products yet