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Disassembly Guide: Mossberg MC1sc (90% Glock, 10% Roll Pins!)

Do you like the simplicity and reliability of Glocks, but hate Austria or rectangles?  Good news, there's another US-made Glock on the market, courtesy of Mossberg!

Hot on the heels of the successful Ruger SR series, and by that I mean almost a decade late, the MC1 pistol is a bit of a head scratcher trying to butt its way into an already crowded market.  To be completely honest, I've been so busy with other things in the past year that I hadn't even heard of this pistol until I ended up with one in my hands.  The general reaction from friends and customers has been "wait, Mossberg makes a pistol now?"

MC1 Profile

Have you heard of that new Mossberg pistol?


Tan is the New Black?

Suddenly FDE everywhere!  Sandstorm?

FDE and Multicam Mossberg 500 Persuader - $400 OTD

Mossberg 500 FDE Multicam

HK45 V1, Threaded w/ Night Sights - $1250 OTD

Non-threaded V1 w/ Night Sights - $1100 OTD


FN FNX45 Tactical FDE - $1125 OTD (optic not included)

FNX45 Tactical FDE

Sig Scorpion 1911, standard barrel 5" or 4.25" - $975 OTD

Scorpion 1911 w/ threaded barrel in either size - $1050 OTD

Sig Scorpion 1911 FDE

ATI FX45 Tactical FDE - $650 OTD