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Detail Strip Guide: CZ Scorpion Evo

When CZ brought out the Scorpion Evo as a pistol it immediately gained popularity as a less expensive, reliable pistol caliber carbine alternative with affordable magazines.  Using an adapter and the right AR-15 style buffer tube and a Sig arm brace makes the gun a handy 9mm package with lots of modern features, ambidextrous controls and frankly it just plain looks cool.  Even better, it's extremely easy to work on and the fire control is designed conventionally, making it simple to tune up for anyone so inclined.

Angled foregrips are A-OK on handguns.

Angled foregrips are A-OK on handguns!


Lightweight Budget AR-15 Mockup

I posted way back when about an AR-15 rifle build that wouldn't break the bank and would weigh in well under 7 pounds loaded.  It took a while to find the setup I really liked along with a quality pencil profile (0.625" diameter) barrel maker for a reasonable price, but I think I've got this nailed.

Test lower please ignore


Tool Review – AIM AR-15 Armorer’s Wrench

A couple months back I volunteered to test drive an AR-15 armorer's wrench in exchange for an honest review.  Full disclosure: the wrench reviewed here was provided to me by Products at Your Fingertips (via Amazon) free of charge for review purposes.  Due to a bunch of delays, family medical emergencies and having most of the parts for the rifle builds I was planning to use this wrench on I wasn't able to really give it a workout until recently.

As a 'smith I've used a bunch of different AR-15 combo wrenches.  They're all over the place, everyone makes one and a lot of them are barely adequate or outright suck.  Most of them have the same core functionality, give or take a couple of doodads, so as long as the wrench holds up to abuse you're good to go.  The first combo wrench I ever bought years ago was a DPMS in that hideous speckled grey finish, and despite being cheap it's still holding up as a backup to get borrowed out to friends now and then.

The core functions that most wrenches have are:

  • Barrel nut teeth and pegs
  • 5/8" and 3/4" square slots for flash hiders and rifle buffer tubes
  • Castle nut wrench teeth
  • A screwdriver tip
  • 1/2" drive for torque wrench use
Checks all the boxes, looks decent too.

Checks all the boxes, looks decent too.


The Dirtiest CETME

I gave a small guest presentation on gun care last night at the Windsor Fish & Game members meeting, and part of it was passing around photos of the dirtiest guns I've worked on over the years.  It's a real shame I didn't have this one in until today!

How not to care for your guns

How not to care for your guns


Detail Strip Guide: S&W Bodyguard .38 Revolver

A few years back, Smith and Wesson brought out a new pocket pistol line that challenged all sorts of conventions including how much MIM and plastic can fit into a revolver, whether or not users really do want lasers on everything, and sensible ways to name models of firearm.  The Bodyguard .38, not to be confused with the nearly identically named Bodyguard 380, is the Crimson Trace equipped revolver using a plastic grip frame vaguely reminiscent of the Ruger LCP.

A customer brought one in recently asking about tuning the trigger up, a common job on J-frame S&W guns made simple by available spring kits from Wolff and Apex Tactical Specialties.  Unfortunately because the gun isn't anything like the venerable J-frame, kits made for classic snubbies don't work here.  It's a clever design in a lot of ways, but largely incompatible with drop in mods for other S&W guns.

On top of that, no parts diagrams or guides seem to exist for the BG38.  Smith and Wesson maintains that there are "no user serviceable parts" and the gun should not be taken apart.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  Let's get to it!

Lasers, definitely more dangerous than bullets judging by the warnings.

Lasers, definitely more dangerous than bullets judging by the warnings.


Detail Strip Guide: Grand Power K100 Series

Update 09/04/2015: David Copping, the area manager for North America at Grand Power SRO reached out to give me a couple of small tips straight from the source.  They've been integrated into the post below, specifically regarding the safety lever removal and the magazine release, which I didn't actually mess with originally.  Thanks, David!

I recently got a K100 in for a friend of mine who was nice enough to let me rip it apart and review it.  There's barely any info online about these really interesting Slovakian pistols, and nary a parts diagram to be found aside from one miserably low resolution drawing from Marstar Canada.  Today's project is detail stripping the K100 Mk7.

Parts diagram!

Parts diagram!


TP9 Update: Spring Weights

It's been a while since I wrote my detailed guide on the TP-9/P99 pistol in which I mentioned the striker springs being compatible with other common striker fired guns on the market. Since then range trips have been few and far between, but I have gotten the chance to test fire the TP-9 with two lighter weight springs to see if they'll work at all.  Initial testing looks pretty good though...


Detail Strip Guide: Walther P99/Canik TP-9

It's been a while since I did a detail strip tutorial post, so today we're taking a look at the recently tabletop reviewed Canik TP-9, which is itself a clone of the Walther P99.  Unlike my previous guide, this one is VERY IMAGE HEAVY so be warned!  There's not a lot out there on the P99 design so I hope this can be helpful for any P99 or TP-9 owners looking to deep clean or do polish work.


Poly Receivers Testing: Part 2

The torture continues on the TN Arms lower.  Today while the weather was nice I took a few steel casings out and induced horrible stuck cases by closing the bolt on them as well as generally beating the receiver up as much as possible.  We're talking stuck cases so bad that several of them I had to remove with a cleaning rod and a hammer, the rest I had to mortar the rifle as hard as possible on the ground to get them to budge.


Current T&E Backlog

Just a quick post to give a rundown on the items I'm testing, initial impressions and the status of the testing for those interested.  List is in no particular order and not by priority or projected completion.  Hoping to add more to it and keep a steady stream of projects!