PSA: Don’t drop ship me guns without prior arrangements

I hate that I even have to post about this, but please don’t blindly ship me a firearm and expect me to do a transfer for you.  I’m almost always willing to do so, but if you drop ship me a gun through Sportsman’s Guide or some other wholesale middleman without at least contacting me first I WILL RETURN THE SHIPMENT TO SENDER.  It’s not my responsibility as the FFL to work backwards and pin you down to pick up a gun that arrived unexpectedly.

Email always works best, don’t hesitate to drop me an email any time and you might be surprised to get a reply after hours.  I’m in and out of my little home office all day every day working on guns, attending auctions and keeping up with the property maintenance so I don’t always get voicemails right away.  Either way I’ll try my utmost to get back to you as soon as possible and set things up so everyone is on the same page.