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Hey, we have merch now!  Apex Gunsmithing branded tees, pullovers, zip up hoodies and ball caps are here and they really came out great!  Thanks to the folks at Athletic Lettering in York for top notch work, great service and working with me to make adjustments where necessary.  We've had them make hats and tees for other businesses in the past and they've always been excellent!

We're official!

We're official!

We've only got a small batch of each for now, but I'm already getting requests for the hats and tees so we may have to order more!  The pricing isn't final but should be close to the following:

  • Tees: $15, 2XL only right now and only a handful available since we're busy wearing them!
  • Hats: $20 maximum, 6 or so available.
  • Pullovers: $50, none for sale since I claimed all of them myself.  They're insanely nice relaxed fit athletic pullovers with an earplugs pocket for the range!
  • Zip Ups: $35, none for sale since we only got 4 initially.

I'll put up an actual for sale page item for these at some point, but until then feel free to email if you're interested and I'll gauge interest on another batch.


Back to Work

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and new year!  If anyone left me a message and hasn't heard back by this evening please contact me again, I'm working through a backlog of emails and phone calls from the holiday break and trying to reply to everyone ASAP!

In other news this week should see the maiden voyage of my gunsmithing live stream show, an experiment on twitch.tv!  The site is largely focused around videogame content, but recently finalized a category for creative arts and has been considering an educational category as well.  I'll be tackling interesting firearms live on camera, discussing the history, design and function of all sorts of guns from a benchtop view while answering questions from viewers in chat.  When I have a schedule set I'll be sure to post it here and on twitter to see if we can get a few folks to stop by and hang out!  First gun TBD, but it might be a Lionheart LH9 or the new Ruger American pistol depending on which I get my hands on first!

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Holiday Hours

I'll be officially off for the holidays starting Wednesday the 23rd until Monday, January 4th!  I'll still be fielding questions via email but won't be scheduling pickup or drop off until then.

Thanks to everyone for a great 2015, and looking forward to an even better 2016 as the shop grows!

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We’re back!

Phone's back up and running, but may not have a voicemail greeting yet.  I'll be setting that up later today hopefully, but rest assured the office phone is fully operational and any messages left will be answered ASAP!

Thanks for your patience while we got that switched over, it was a really bad time of year to schedule a provider change!

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Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy, if late, Thanksgiving and hope that everyone had a great turkey day with the family.  We had a nice peaceful holiday and I look forward to having everything back to normal by the middle of next week.

Monday and Wednesday next week are scheduled for Comcast technicians to run the business phone line separately and install equipment.  That means our phone should be back up and running on Wednesday, after far too long waiting on the business account setup and logistics.  Must be a busy time of year for them to install phone service...

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Phone’s on the fritz

Due to a combination of circumstances my office line is currently disconnected pending a switch over to a new service provider.  Our home line has been out of order for several days and the response has been sluggish at best, so the issues have forced me to pursue other options.  If you can't reach me via phone for the next few days, please drop me an email at the address on the sidebar.  Don't drop by without giving me a heads up though, it's prime auction season for both our main businesses so I'm usually not home during the day a couple times a week!

If you call in and manage to get my voicemail I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

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Current Schedule

A quick heads up that I won't be available for several days:

  • Tomorrow, Saturday the 7th
  • Sunday the 8th
  • Limited time Monday the 9th
  • Tuesday and Wednesday, the 10th and 11th.

I'll be at a very nice gun auction on Sunday, so wish me luck and stay tuned for full listings of all the stuff from the past two sales plus this one here on the site in addition to Gunbroker!

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PSA: Don’t drop ship me guns without prior arrangements

I hate that I even have to post about this, but please don't blindly ship me a firearm and expect me to do a transfer for you.  I'm almost always willing to do so, but if you drop ship me a gun through Sportsman's Guide or some other wholesale middleman without at least contacting me first I WILL RETURN THE SHIPMENT TO SENDER.  It's not my responsibility as the FFL to work backwards and pin you down to pick up a gun that arrived unexpectedly.

Email always works best, don't hesitate to drop me an email any time and you might be surprised to get a reply after hours.  I'm in and out of my little home office all day every day working on guns, attending auctions and keeping up with the property maintenance so I don't always get voicemails right away.  Either way I'll try my utmost to get back to you as soon as possible and set things up so everyone is on the same page.

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Detail Strip Guide: Walther CCP

This is an off the cuff guide while I have a customer's gun apart to try and solve the Achilles heel of this pistol: the absolutely unbearable gritty trigger pull.  Being the first CCP I've handled, I don't know if this is a common problem or not but judging by the shoddy quality of stamped parts, rough finished internals and roll pins all over the gun I can take a good guess that this pistol isn't unique in having a gravel road for a trigger.  While the mechanism itself is rather clever, it suffers from a myriad of problems under the hood.  None the less, let's take a crack at it!

Walther's single stack 9, with the plastic tool provided to field strip it.

Walther's single stack 9, with the plastic tool provided to field strip it.


Detail Strip Guide: CZ Scorpion Evo

When CZ brought out the Scorpion Evo as a pistol it immediately gained popularity as a less expensive, reliable pistol caliber carbine alternative with affordable magazines.  Using an adapter and the right AR-15 style buffer tube and a Sig arm brace makes the gun a handy 9mm package with lots of modern features, ambidextrous controls and frankly it just plain looks cool.  Even better, it's extremely easy to work on and the fire control is designed conventionally, making it simple to tune up for anyone so inclined.

Angled foregrips are A-OK on handguns.

Angled foregrips are A-OK on handguns!