Introducing the Tavor

As I hinted a couple posts back…

NOTE: NOT FOR SALE.  FDE model is spoken for and the black model is remaining with me as a range rental and generally all around awesome thing to have.

The folks at IWI are great people and I’m glad to have been given the chance to work with them and get my hands on a couple of Tavors.  I followed the entire development cycle of the semi-auto rifles, their introduction in Canada and the long bumpy road to being available here in the US… but I never imagined they’d also be very supportive of local small businesses!

To nobody’s great surprise I have one of the rifles stripped down in front of me on the computer desk and have a number of ideas for tuning the oft complained about trigger.  The entire rifle’s build quality is stellar, I really can’t wait to get that trigger tuned down to 5-ish pounds and give more range report feedback.

I’ll likely be posting more on the Tavors later and the work I perform on one of them.