First Impressions: TN Arms Dagger Brake

I was so busy trying to destroy that test receiver that I didn’t keep up with development of TN Arms’ new muzzle device, the Dagger muzzle brake.  They were nice enough to send me one to try out, and unlike their testing with AR-15s I’ll be using the Tavor instead!

Unfortunately timing muzzle devices on the Tavor requires alignment shims, so I’ll have to get and/or make some to get it to time up properly it seems.  Alternately I could try to talk IWI out of a spare muzzle device nut, which is unique to the Tavor and could be easily fitted down to allow proper timing on just about anything.  Either way, it’ll be a few days before I can actually get out to shoot the thing so in the interim I figured I would give my first impressions and feedback.

Dagger compared to the ubiquitous A2

Dagger compared to the ubiquitous A2

The Dagger weighs in at 3.1 ounces, nearly double the weight of the A2 birdcage we’ve all grown to know and love.  I’ve been trying to reduce weight on my rifle and every ounce counts, so it’ll have to perform pretty well on the range to begrudgingly concede those couple of ounces.  Sadly I don’t have any major brand name brakes or flash hiders laying around to do further comparisons, so that will have to go on the to-do list for the future.

The core design uses two sets of vents to the sides and a four-prong muzzle that is somewhat reminiscent of successful brakes like the FSC556 or AAC’s designs.  I would expect the shorter prongs of the Dagger to eliminate the “ringing” sound that often accompanies the Blackout flash hider and some other devices that have a similar design.

Simple, effective lines seem to be the order of the day with the Dagger brake.  The machining is clean, the surface finish is excellent but that’s also my sole complaint thus far.  It’s glossy!  Call me vain but I like the good old dark grey matte parkerized look and the glossy blued type finish on the brake sticks out like a sore thumb.   I might have to blast it and cerakote it sometime so it matches… but it’s a good day when your main gripe is cosmetic.

UPDATE: The guys over at TN Arms are on top of things and have already switched to a melonite type finish for the retail version of the brakes!

Stay tuned for more on the new brake once it’s installed and I can hit the range with it.  I’ll have a lot more about the Tavor itself here in the future, including some technical ramblings about the trigger pack and speculation on some design improvements.  I’ve still got a detail strip guide for the Canik P99 clone to do as well!